Component Bed
Component bed

A lot can happen in 10 years...

You can gain or lose weight, begin a new routine, become involved in a relationship, all things that will affect what you need for comfort and quality sleep.

Mattress companies do a great job marketing their products so that you feel you are getting the latest and greatest in sleep surfaces but the fact remains, you’re sleeping on the same mattress every single night. If you have a sleep partner, things get more complicated.

Everyone is different

We each have unique shapes,
postures and sleep positions.

So finding one mattress that works for you and
your partner can be next to impossible.

Most couples are forced to compromise their needs in
order to enjoy intimate moments. But if they are not rejuvenated,
the intimacy shared and the quality of their daily lives will decrease.

Component bed

How can one mattress satisfy both of your needs?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress. As life changes so should your bed… this is the type of philosophy that inspired the makers of the Component Bed. With interchangeable components and adjustable firmness, this revolutionary sleep system was designed to give you everything you need for quality sleep.

And in case you didn’t know, quality sleep is a big deal.

Just like exercise and a healthy
diet, sleep plays a big role in
your overall well being.

sleep range

Not all sleep is created equal

If your body misses out on the biological maintenance that occurs in REM sleep, the quality of your waking life will pay the price. You won’t be able to learn, create, focus, communicate or be as active as you would at your true potential.

So how do you get the quality sleep you need? Good sleep begins with finding your comfort zone which is something that changes as time progresses. What your body needs for comfort at night is often determined by the type of day you’ve had.

Component bed

What If

there was a bed that could adapt to the changes in your lifestyle?

A bed that evolved with you and catered to your particular sleeping needs every night. One that not only gave you consistent comfort but did the same for your partner. Well, that would be a revolution in quality sleep.

And that’s exactly what the Component Bed has done.
Watch this video to learn more about our revolutionary sleep system.