component bed


3 Interchangeable Components

Water, Pocket Coil and Memory Foam allow you to easily transform your entire sleep surface any night. Simply insert the component of your choice on either side of the bed and nestle into your perfect comfort.


2 Sides

with adjustable firmness means you and your sleep partner can each choose the component you desire while adjusting the level of firmness on your individual sides.


1 Revolutionary Sleep System

you will have forever.


The first and only bed that puts you in complete control of your comfort. With three of the industry’s most popular sleep surfaces in one bed, there is no need to settle for the same mattress night after night, month after month, year after year.

The Component Bed is finally, the versatility you need for sound restorative sleep every night.

Component bed

In the spring some of us have allergies, in the summer some of us hit the gym and when the going gets tough we all need some time to relax. Whatever we go through during the day affects what we need for comfort at night. Most of us have settled for one mattress to fulfill our various sleeping needs but with the Component Bed, you can choose the sleep surface that works for you at any given time.

Listen to your body

Then give yourself exactly what you need for sound, restorative sleep every night.

Working out

is great for your body but you can also experience muscle soreness from time to time. Now you can relax on the Water Component or let the gentle support of Memory Foam ease pressure from your joints.

component bed

On a hot summer day

the last thing you need is a warm blanket which is exactly what lying on some mattresses can feel like. The Pocket Coil and Water Components do not retain heat so you can sleep on those surfaces to keep cool.

component bed

A baby bump

will definitely change the way you sleep. The Memory Foam Component will mould to your shape delivering the perfect comfort to your body and the Water Component can trigger some much needed relaxation in various muscle groups.

component bed
component bed

Allergy season

means runny nose, itchy eyes, and a lot of discomfort. The Water and Memory Foam Components are made from hypoallergenic materials to help you sleep comfortably during allergy season.

component bed

Cold nights:

Nothing feels better than being in a warm place on a cold night. The Memory Foam Component conforms to your body and hugs your curves which can help keep you cozy when it’s cold outside.

component bed

Love birds:

When it's time to get cozy with your sleep partner it helps to have a sleep surface that supports your “movements”. The Pocket Coil Component offers the firmest support and the soothing motion of the Water Component helps to enhance the relaxation of cuddle time.

Why sacrifice comfort for cuddle time

In making the Component Bed we kept in mind that no two people are alike. Sharing your bed with someone should not mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep. With the Component Bed; you each have your individual sides. Just choose the component you want as your sleep surface and insert it into your side of the bed. Now you can each have what you want, together.

Component bed