Component Bed
Controler for Air Core

A) Handheld Controllers

Favourite setting allows you to save your comfort zone with the touch of a button
Kink proof cords prevent tangling
LCD display lights up for easy readability at night.

memory foam cover on top of the Water Bed Component

B) Luxury Mattress Top Cover

Embossed for extra comfort
Easy to remove and zip up with durable quality tested zipper

best bed water component

C) Water Component

Made of high quality vinyl with leak proof lining
Individual tubes make it easier to transport and insert
(Queen: 4 tubes, King: 5 tubes)
Foam rails ensures waveless motion

best bed pocket coil component

D) Pocket Coil Component

  • Coils made with durable spring steel and are individually sewn into fabric
  • Pocket assembly allows component to shape and contour to body
  • Pocket coil count is 600 or higher
best bed memory foam component

E) Memory Foam Component

  • Infused with green tea extract for antibacterial qualities
  • 3 Ibs density and 3” height
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
Air Core

F) In-bed Lining

  • One of a kind pattern ensures authenticity of your Component Bed
Foam Rails for the Component Bed

G) Foam Rails

  • Placed on sides of mattress for additional support
  • Offers full no gap support with rounded edges that cover full perimeter
Bed Handles

H) Handles

  • 2 handles on each side of mattress
  • Secure grip makes it easy to maneuver
Air Motor for Component Bed

I) Air Motor

  • Motor uses vacuum cleaner technology for extra durability and long lifespan
  • Responds immediately to firmness command with real time numeric readout
  • Few moving parts ensures less wear and tear on machinery
Air Core is Burst Proof on the Component Bed

J) Air Core

  • Made of 100% Nylon reinforced vinyl which ensures it’s easy to clean and will not stain
  • Super strong patent pending construction and quality tested burst pressure
  • No gap in centre of bed ensures full support for both sides
Component Bed Storage in Base

K) Storage

  • Closed compartment ensures components are safely stored
  • Conveniently located in bed to minimize storage of components elsewhere
best bed base

L) Foundation

  • Centre beam trussed and 8 slats are on each side for extra durability
  • Height from legs to mattress is 14”
  • King size is 80” by 76”, Queen is 80” by 60”

Additional Features

Easy to transport

The entire bed is packaged in 2 boxes and is able to fit inside a standard midsized vehicle.

No need to turn

The Component Bed's mattress is purposely designed to be single sided for your convenience -no need to flip it over.

Easy to setup

Assembling the Component Bed is easy with our number and colour matching system. No tools are required!

Light weight, smaller components

All components are light weight making them easy to transport, insert and switch when you need a new sleep experience.